General Nutrition
I am a public health nutritionist with many years of experience, both personal and professional.  Together we can work to identify areas where your diet may be lacking, or work together to introduce small  changes towards a healthier diet/way of relating to food.  

Nutrition is also a key component of good mental and spiritual health.  Although we might know what we 'should' eat, there may be many reasons why we don't.  It may be simply a practical issue, that we have a busy lifestyle, can't or don't enjoy cooking or it may be due to other reasons (see below).  

Eating Disorders & Comfort Eating
People eat  or don't eat for a variety of reasons. I have worked with people with severe and less severe eating disorders including anorexia and bulimia.  People eat or abstain from food for a lot of different reasons.  Some people avoid foods for medical or food sensitivity or allergy reasons. However food, either consumption or deprivation of, can be used as a way to change state and to dissociate from difficult feelings.  This is the area where mind and body most obviously impact each other. We can explore together how food is used, what purpose it serves and work together to address the underlying issues it is being used to help you deal with currently.

If you want to discuss any aspects of your diet or eating habits then please give me a call, without obligationand we can talk about your needs.

Jane Blackhurst
Tel: 07814  622 662